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We're advising ludicrously early-stage startups who target international markets and tackle huge problems.

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Our goal is to help you make the leap across the Atlantic. If your team is targeting an international market, is looking to raise venture capital and gain a substantial foothold in Silicon Valley, we're right for you.


The young minds behind r&d ventures have gone through Y Combinator (W19), reincorporated their German GmbH as a Delaware C-Corp and raised their seed round for Mage from Silicon Valley investors.

The transition was hard, painful and costly, but it shouldn't be – with the right advisors.
– Peer Richelsen, Founder

We want to advice Northern German teams so they can prevent making our mistakes and help them raise venture capital in Silicon Valley.

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Peer Malte Mage Y Combinator

— I met Peer in the YC W19 batch and it's been great to work with him. He is focussed on the big vision but iterates quickly on the product. Mage is one of our first customers and their feedback has been very valuable in building Windsor.


— Peer and I were in the same group office hours at Y Combinator. After getting to know each each week, we've since become friends, playing soccer with each other on the YC team. Peer is a driven, determined, and kind person. I have no doubt in my mind about his capabilities as a founder. Fundamentally he has the right intentions with everything he does and that is something you can't train.


— Peer is the most efficient and hard-working collaborator I've ever worked with. He turned around a live version of our website, concept to live v1 in just 90 minutes - he's become my new bar for moving fast. Peer has never stopped iterating and learning, from the day we met at Y Combinator to our updates, Peer always has new insights and ideas to share. If you have the chance to work with him - take it, you'll be blown away.

The Deal

No #bullshit. No 100 page long contract. No rip off. From founders, pro founders with monthly vesting to make sure we're doing a good job.

advisory shares, vested over 24 months
What's included
  • Advice on setting up a German Holding UG

  • Advice on setting up a Delaware C-Corp

  • Advice on fundraising in Silicon Valley

  • Advice on startup valuations and safe financing

  • Advice on applying for a B-1/B-2 or O-1 visa

  • Advice on which SaaS tools to use when getting started

  • 12 months free desk in Kiel at Starterkitchen coworking

  • 2 weeks free rent in Silicon Valley at Founders House

  • 1x partner meeting/month (in person or via zoom)

Get in Contact 100% Equity Back Guarantee if you're unhappy within 12 months.

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